One of the many discoveries through the last trip to China is the wonderful Honey Pomelo Tea or Honey Lemon Tea( 蜂蜜柚子茶). Both are very popular local drinks and can be served hot or cold depending on the season. We were very excited about the tea, and even trying to buy some from the supermarket, but since it is sold in thick jars which is very heavy, we decided to find an authentic recipe and tried to recreate the magic in house.


  • 1 Pomelo (and/or lemons)
  • Crystal Sugar (Can be found in Chinese market) or normal sugar
  • Water
  • Honey(preferably not too strong flavour, otherwise it will cover the flavour of the pomelo)

Step 1 – Wash the Pomelo thoroughly, use salt to rub the skin in order to remove any wax on it. Once the fruit is clean, skin it with a knife. Make sure to cut off only the outer  yellow skin, as the connecting tissue – the fluffy white one – is not good for the tea.

Step 2 – Slice the peel into thin matchsticks

Step 3 – Soak the peel in water for 10 min

Step 4 – Peel the rest of the pomelo and separate the clean fruit – in as small pieces as possible (it will shorten the cooking time)

Step 5 – Boil the peel on the fire – when it reached the boiling point add sugar – if you have crystal sugar – you may add up to 2-3 middle sized cubes, otherwise just use regular granulated sugar about 200 grams.

Step 6 – When the peel is boiled and the sugar is dissolved you can add the pomelo and cook on small fire until all the water is evaporated, adjust the fire and stir it thoroughly to avoid burning of the tea. This procedure may take up to 45 minutes.


Step 7 – Once the water is evaporated, let the pomelo cool down before transferring it to a container.


Step 8. Cool down the mixture, and add the honey to cover the mixture.


Step 9. Mix the honey with the mixture, and put in the fridge for 3 days.


Step 10. After around three days, the tea is ready. For warm tea lovers, get a spoon of the tea paste and mix with warm water, Bingo! The tea can also be served with ice cube and a piece of lemon, which add a bits sour flavor to the drink, making it a perfect summer drink.


– Make sure the pan is very clean, without any mark of oil, otherwise it will be irritating for the tea.

– Size doesn’t matter, weight does. Fresh pomelo is usually heavier because it has more water in the flesh. Pick the heavy pomelo rather than big ones in the market.

– The amount of pomelo and skin can be adjusted accordingly, basically it’s 2:1 in volume, adding more skin will make it a more sour and bitter, feel free to play with the ratio.

– The skin shall be sliced in very tiny strips, it’s also possible to grind it with a machine.

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