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Cook like a Chinese – Stir frying

Stir frying is a special chinese cooking technique, which focuses not only on the food and spices, but also on the techniques which combines the flavor and texture of the food. This post is to briefly introduce stir frying based on a video made by two top chefs.


  • Meat:
    • Beef
  • Vegetables:
    • Celery
    • Paprica
  • Vegetables for flavor:
    • Chilly pepper
    • Pickled pepper
    • Garlic
    • Ginger
    • Coriander
  • Spices
    • Black pepper
    • Soy sauce (optional if you cannot find)
    • Cooking wine (or palinka)


Slicing the beef: Slice the beef perpendicular to the fiber (to cut off the fiber of the beef and make the texture tendor). This techniques applys to beef and lamb. To slice the pork, you actually slice it along the fiber.

Vegetables: These are to match with the meat, and they can be replaced by any other vegatbles you like. But do note to slice them in a shape that is good size so that it get cooked but not too soggy in the end.

Vegetables for flavors: They are normally small amount for the flavor, can variate the amount based on the personal taste.

Spices: The cooking wine is to make the beef less stinky, can be replced by a small amount of palinka (without flavor). Soy sauce is good but optional.


Marinate the beef:

After slicing the beef, marinate with black pepper, soy sauce(optional), palinka, mix them and then get a bit oil to seal the water in the beef.


An iron pan(wok pan) is normally the best for cooking, because the pan got heat up much easier than other pans. If you have an anti-stick pan, it’s also ok.

Prepare the pan:

There’s a technique in the video which is called LIU GUO, it’s to first heat up the pan, and then add oil and make sure the oil cover the whole pan, and then pour the oil back. In this way the pan is hot and not sticky anymore. (This is only used in the restaurant , in the home cooking we dont do that due to the extra work. And if you have an anti-stick pan, it’s also not neccessary to do this)

Cook the meat:

Add oil in a hot pan, when the oil get a bit warm (not too hot), add the beef. Do not sitr it at the beginning, otherwise it will get stick to the pan. Get it out when the beef is well cooked. DO not overcook otherwise it will get chewy. At this step the beef might get lots of juice, which can be used in the next step.

Cook the vegetables:

Again, add oil in a hot pan, add the pickled pepper, garlic, ginger, after the flavor becomes strong, add the other vegetables. Note that the order of this is to make sure that all the vegetables get well cooked on the same time, so all of them have the good texture. When you fell the pan get a bit dry, add the soup from the previous step so the vegetables will be well cooked.

Mix the meat with the vegetables:

Pour back the meat in the vegetables in the pan, add salt and vegeta to make the flavor proper, and in the end, add the coriander or celery (These two are easily cooked so they will always be added in the last step).


This type of home style cooking is generally simple and don’t have much requirements to the ingredients. You can adjust the ingredients, spices or even the flavor on your own preference:

  • Soy sauce, seasame oil and etc. are hard to get, so ignore them if you cannot find it.
  • Cooking wine in the meat dish is normally to make the meat less stinky, it can be replaced by any wine without strong falvor.
  • Slice the beef perpendicular to the fiber, to make it tendor.
  • Note the order of adding the ingredients so that you do not over cook any meat or vegetables.


Laofangu’s Youtube Channel

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