Berlin is nothing but ordinary –  it was the first impression of the city while walking down the famous “Unter den Linden” street. The struggle of Berliners, the footprint of the war and the silent struggle of the separation – all still visible with small clues on the streets of nowadays Berlin.

Currently there are several big projects overshadowing the city’s glory – the new metro line to Museum Isle or the remodeling of Alexander Platz leaves the wanderer clueless of what the glory of this city could be. Full of wide alleys, magnificent buildings, beautiful parks – Berlin is a city worth visiting. Despite the major constructions overshadowing the magnificence of this gem – Berlin still offers a visitor plenty to do.

In a 3 days short visit it is possible to check the city’s major attractions – and to explore the busy life of Berlin.

Transportation – The public transportation network within the city is well organized and a daily ticket (price vary according to zone – mostly around 7 EUR) covers a visitor’s need to get around the city. Tickets can be purchased from the drivers directly, but as well as on kiosks, self-serving ticket machines and on all major stations around the city.

The strict center can be visited on foot as well – in good weather a pleasant walk from Alexander Platz on Unter den Linden until the Branderburg Gate will only take about a good 30 – 45 minutes and offers a splendid view of the city. The Reichstag is located just close by, where visitors can pre-book a time slot to visit the futuristic cupola. From here the famous Jewish memorial is just a couple of steps, and Podstamer Platz is just a few hundred meters away.

Podstamer Platz is more up-scale, futuristic looking square scattered with skyscrapers and modern office buildings. Here the visitor can find a Panorama Point, from where the whole city is visible, a café is also serving the tourists while exploring the skyline. (Ps. The café itself does not serve the best quality of drinks, but it is worth to sit down to enjoy the view let alone). Also locate here is the futuristic Sony center – which looks appealing to everybody who enjoys modern architecture.

One of the highlights of Berlin is for sure the Museum Island – 5 museums and the Berliner Dome located all together – offers the visitor an active afternoon. A daily ticket to the museums can be purchased for reduced price, offering entrance to all the museums. Keep in mind however that the most famous one – The Pergamon museum – will always be busy and a pre-booked timeslot ticket can solve the problem – otherwise the wait can be up to 2 hours in the line. The Pergamon museum offers some breathtaking artifacts for the visitor – including one of the most notable items – the Ishtar gate (please note that part of the museum is currently under renovation and is not open to visitors – this part includes the name piece of the museum the Pergamon altar). The museum island and the Berliner dome is a must visit stop for every first timer in Berlin.

Just a little bit outside from the strict city center the visitor can enjoy the famous “East Side gallery” – a series of graffiti displayed on the remaining’s of the Berlin wall. One of the most notable ones is “The Kiss” which will always have visitors taking selfies in front of. Not so far from this site is the famous “Checkpoint Charlie” – one of the few checkpoints where foreign visitors could cross from East to West Germany before the demolition of the wall. The famous point is always busy with visitors taking pictures of the dressed-up guards, or asking to stamp their passport.

Visitors can also enjoy a quite walk from the Branderburg Gate towards the Victory column located in the center of the ex-imperial hunting grounds – the Tiergarten.  It’s a quite journey full with trees, and local people exercising or just riding their bikes through the curvy roads of the garden.

A visit to the highest building in Berlin – the TV tower can be pre-booked on line as well. The visitors can enjoy either a visit during daytime – or in the evening. Please note that the night view might not be as spectacular as expected – as it may lack city lights like other big cities. In the TV tower, you can find a restaurant as well where a table can be booked on line as well. It is recommended to visit the tower during daytime.

Food in Berlin is tasty and affordable. The visitors can find plenty of breakfast places throughout the city offering tasty breakfast and an abundance of coffee variety to choose from. Berlin is packed with restaurants offering different cuisines, but it is highly recommended to visit one of the traditional German style restaurants offering the worldwide famous Schnitzel or the pork knuckle. These traditional dishes are usually served with side dishes of sour vegetables and potatoes.

Every tourist should step by the famous Ritter Sport flagship store. A place dedicated to the most famous German chocolate – visitors can even create their own chocolate for a stunnig 4 EUR (and a waiting time of 30 minutes).

Berlin offers an extensive choice of shopping malls as well – one can get lost in the alleys of big shopping malls with a huge number of different stores raging from popular brand to the most exclusive ones – offering a luxurious treatment to all their customers.

Berlin might be currently under construction- a feeling that a visitor will get once they step out of the train at Alexander Platz, but once time is spent with the city’s streets – it will grow on them. Once the soul of Berlin is discovered – the visitor will long for a come back soon.

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