Both Alaska and New York city are two destinations famed with Once in a life time. I was lucky to be selected for a academic conference in Alaska, and planned a visit to NYC after the conference. The trip was brain refreshing, I finally got the chance to visit the U.S., specifically one of the two famous destinations  in the U.S..


Day 1. Jun 19, 2015

Amsterdam (Schiphol) — ✈️ — New York — ✈️ — San Francisco

— ✈️ — Anchorage

The flight experience with United Airline is unbelievable unforgettable. The plane is really small, only two seats in each row by the window. What surprises me is the entertainment system, the screen is so small, which is probably only half the size as the others have for international flights( KLM, Cathay, China eastern…), the headphone has been used(!!!) by previous passengers. Anyway it’s not a big fuss since I don’t use it. But the worst thing is the seat is so small, that I could not even touch my feet when I tried to change my shoes. It’s so small for me, let alone it is even more uncomfortable for the big guys.

The entertainment system display is very small

Generally speaking the food during the flight is like Sodexo level (Sodexo is a popular canteen server in the Netherlands offering disgusting food). Crackers and wine were served before breakfast, followed by pasta as breakfast, which is apparently not so appetising. After several hours, a sandwich with ham, cheese and lots of butter, Turkey and Gouda was offered as lunch. Enough about food…

Food served during the flight is BAD.

Anyway it’s still acceptable flight for its cheap price, let’s hope there will be no trouble for the custom and transfer.

Very interesting hole, looks like someone shouted the window. The crystallised ice was spreader in a very beautiful pattern.


The first impression is that it’s green everywhere from the sky view. Amazing!

Funny immigration check conversation:
-Sir why are you here
-For a conference
-Why go to a conference
-Going to present my work
-Why present your work?
-Huh? Going to show everyone my work
-Sir you didn’t understand me, why do you want to go to a conference?
…Recurring conversation for 3 times…
-Sir even if you keep smiling, it doesn’t help, why do you want to come here?
…I am doing pjs in the Netherlands and I want to join a conference about microelectronics to show my work to my community!
-Yeah sir that’s right
What the h…

The Newark airport is very terrible!!! There’s no wifi here, not even in Starbucks. It was the only airport I’ve been to that serves no free wifi. I had to call Endre for the hotel stuff, 1,27 euro/min, and could not withdraw cash from ABN card in the ATM machine. Crazy!

The plane has been flying for several hours. Looking through the window, it’s always free space outside. Mother Nature definitely gave the U.S. an amazing homeland.

View from the sky in San Francisco and Alaska, both look so wonderful.

Finally something nice came after the terrible flight experience. How gorgeous is this view!

Day 2. Jun 20, 2015


The first night in Anchorage was accommodated in a hostel. The hostel is not so comfortable so I had only around 2hours deep sleep, but anyway I am not gonna die from that.

The first important thing in the day: breakfast! There is this amazing brunch place you have to go in Anchorage: Snow City cafe. The cafe severs various types of breakfast, including the famous Salmon+ Potato cake, and granola. The place is medium size, but always full of people. It’s better to reserve a seat in advance. The first time I went there, I was told to wait for 40min to get a table, and even for take away I need 25 min waiting. It’s funny that they even recommended me to go to another store to grab some fast food in case I am super hungry. But it is really worth waiting for the nice breakfast here.

Lots of people waiting outside for the breakfast.

Day 7. Jun 24, 2015

Anchorage – Prince William Sound (Night cruise from Whittier)

To be continued….

(Preview)Thanks to the conference, we had a chance to go Prince William Sound in a night cruise.  Buses departed Anchorage (Dena’ina Conference Center) for a 1-hour and 15-minute drive to Whittier. The buses travelled along the breathtaking Turnagain Arm; famous for its unusual bore tide. This drive has been voted one of the Ten Most Scenic Drives in America by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. There are eagles, Dall sheep, moose and perhaps spot beluga whales feeding on the hooligan in Turnagain Arm. Upon arrival into Whittier via the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (largest mountain tunnel in North America where automobile traffic can only cross for 15 minutes every hour), then we boarded onto privately charter ships for a 3-hour glacier and wildlife dinner cruise in Prince William Sound.

You will spend a magnificent evening exploring the untamed wilderness and calm waters of Prince William Sound! Cruise the fjords and passageways to discover the majestic tidewater glaciers of Barry Arm and the waterfalls and inlets of Esther Passage; a spectacular route traveled by few. Watch and listen as your captain and crew share the history surrounding many islands of the Sound. Throughout the tour the residents of Prince William Sound will entertain you; sea otters, seals, porpoises and whales make these waters their home, and bird watchers will find this trip a one-of-a kind. A delicious 3-course sit-down dinner will be served onboard the ship.

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