The second part of the trip happened in Mali Lošinj, a small town in island Lošinj between Pula and Zadar. The town has intensive development of tourism thanks to its favourable climatic conditions, construction of hotels and resorts, foresting and maintenance of beaches.

DAY 5. Jul 19, 2017 ??

Trajektna luka, Pula –?– Mali Lošinj

Our next stop is Mali Lošinj. Departing from Pula, we took a 3 hours ferry ride to Mali Losinj. The ferry line continues from Lošinj up to Zadar. On the ferry there’s a café serving coffee, drinks and croissants. The croissants are freshly baked, however the coffee is way too bitter.

Mali Lošinj in the night

Mali Lošinj is a picturesque town – the biggest one on Lošinj island. It is bustling with life – most of the city’s outskirts are located at hills – making them hard to reach.

We are staying 3 days here so we decide to rent bikes for daily transportation in the island, considering that the public transportation is not convenient. Bike rental for a whole day at cheapest is 65 HRK – if you rent for longer period the price will drop as well, there are several bike rental shops on the island, choose the one at your convenience (and budget).

Another transportation method on the island is by car renting, however the road on the island is quite narrow, the driver shall be very cautious, let alone when all the bikes are also riding on the same lane. Unfortunately there seems to be no public transportation, in case you don’t like the above mentioned transportation methods and not willing to walk to long, it’s suggested to live close by the centre area.

Some of the major shops in Croatia like  DM, Lidl, Bipa and Konzum, can be found here. Note that Konzum is located on the hill outside the city centre, neighbouring another local big market. The surging road leads to the Konzum makes it a very heavy “cardio exercise” to reach.

Beautiful scene in the centre

The accommodation price on the island is relatively higher than the other islands. The apartment we stay costs around 80 euros per night, with low standard equipments and the apartment takes more than 20 min to walk there. Luckily there is a beautiful and quiet beach just a 1 minute walk from our apartment, with very clear water, which is a perfect beach especially for beginner swimmers.

Little boy having fun in the water

Za Kantuni is a quaint restaurant located one street above the “riva”, with very high rating on Tripadvisor. The service was quick and efficient, however the food was below expectation.  We ordered the fish plate for two, with a tomato salad. The mussels were simply grilled- no additional sauce or garlic. One of the two fishes was not fresh. Luckily the rest of the plate was tasty. Tomorrow we will try another restaurant!

DAY 6. Jul 20, 2017 ??

Mali Losinj ?

On Day 6 we went cycling around the island.

Lošinj island is perfect for mountain bike lovers, the hills on the island running up and down make it a perfect exercise before a fresh dip in the sea.

There are several bike rental agencies on the island, the price ranges from 8 EUR to 15 EUR per day. We have rented bikes for 2 days for only 120 HRK each. The bike shop owner is friendly and very communicative.

If you do not own a car or bike – walking is quite exhausting on the island. The best option is to have some means of transportation in order to reach some of the nice beaches along the coast.

DAY 7. Jul 21, 2017 ??

Mali Losinj ?

In the morning we decided to hike up to the viewpoint located at the highest hill on the island. It is called Providence Viewpoint. The ride up is steep, and we left our bikes halfway at the Konzum parking and continues by foot. Make sure to carry enough water, also be aware that the viewpoint cafe is only open from 9 AM – when we arrived the cafe was closed and was blocking the whole view. Quite disappointed.

The best view of the city can be found in this cafe on the hill. Unfortunately they are only open from 9 in the morning.

Nevertheless the hike up the islands tallest point is great. Perfect morning exercise, also the view is amazing.

The restaurant Bocca Vera restaurant is very highly rated on Tripadvisor, serving Mediterranean food. It’s located right in the busy center. There are three areas in this restaurant, the ground floor, the garden part and the balcony.

We chose to seat at the balcony part, which has great view.The restaurant has lots of waiters working, however thanks to the huge customer flow, the service are quite slow.
The appetiser is a tradition Croatian style beef soup. The soup is served in a small bowl, with only one piece of beef and a few pasta. It’s a light dish but good for starting.
Remember we had cuttlefish ink risotto before? You can also find the cuttlefish pasta. It’s made with ink so then pasta is black. The pasta with shrimp is creamy and well cooked, a prefect choice for seafood lover. This dish costs 90HRK.
The fish with Swiss chard was also very well made. The fish itself is fresh and soft, and the Swiss chard was also perfect savoured. This dish costs 130HRK.
Overall the food is very good here. However there is a big turn off that they only accept cash payment, which is not convenient because you have to carry so much cash for a dinner, let alone if you have a big group eating here. Anyway, make sure you have enough cash before stepping into the restaurant.


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